Virtual Private Sessions

Virtual private sessions are an effective and efficient way to work one-on-one with Laurie, a multi-certified trainer with 20+ years of experience!

What are the advantages to virtual private dog training sessions?

  • one-on-one time with you, your dog(s), and the trainer
  • work with all of your dogs in a single session (if you have multiple dogs)
  • controlled environment -- no other dogs or humans to worry about or be overly excited about while working in the privacy and safety of your own home
  • more time for questions and discussion
  • increased accountability
  • cover more information in a single session (than in a group class)
  • work on what you want to work on to improve your life with your dog, side by side.

Private dog training sessions are one-on-one time for you to work with the trainer.  We can work on whatever you want/need to work on!

No refunds on cancellations within 72 hours of scheduled session.

Packages are available and are set up according to your needs/budget. Packages have expiration dates and there are no refunds on packages after the first session. Contact us for more information.

Virtual private sessions are conducted through Zoom.

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