Puppy Great Start

The perfect first class for your new puppy!!!

Wednesdays, 6:30 -- 7:15 p.m. OR
Thursdays, 10:00 -- 10:45 a.m. OR
Saturdays, 11:00 -- 11:45 a.m.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for each class session you attend (below). Ongoing, rolling enrollment class. Limited class size. We ask that you attend one free class per week until puppy is 5 months old and we recommend attending at least six class sessions.  Because these classes fill quickly and are in high demand, if you miss a class and do not contact us (it's very easy and quick to cancel via the reminder email you will get and you can always call, text or email), any other Puppy Great Start classes you have registered for will be canceled.

Side By Side Dog Training, 2019 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, 84109

**FREE -- because all puppies should go to puppy class!**

Puppies must have had at least one documented veterinarian visit and be between 8 weeks (2 months) and 20 weeks (5 months) old.  We require age-appropriate vet care and immunizations for all our puppies.  For any puppy 16 -- 20 weeks old, we require a documented negative fecal test.

This is a rolling enrollment class -- you can start class as soon as your puppy comes home and attend weekly until puppy is 5 months old. The schedule is flexible, allowing humans the opportunity to make puppy classes work with their busy lives.

Class Information sheet can be found here

Questions? Please call/text us at 801-643-6272 or use our contact page

Register below using our *NEW* online system!

Puppies have several optimum learning times and knowing about this vitally important time period will maximize his/her learning potential and help to lessen problems (such as fears, reactivity, and aggression) later in life. Scientific research tells us that puppies learn the most in their whole lives from 8 to 16 weeks old. This is an essential time in your puppy's life to be providing as many positive, appropriate experiences as possible.

We work on family relationships with the new puppy, care and handling, interactions with people and other dogs and puppies, and new experiences (obstacles, surfaces, smells, sights, sounds, touch, motions, etc.). In each session we work on 2 -- 3 different objectives. Many things will be taught to your puppy through human/puppy play. We will teach you how to best communicate with your new puppy, work on foundation skills essential for all well-mannered dogs, and many valuable training tips – including housetraining, coming when called, chewing, positive vet visits, and grooming.

We do not have off-leash puppy playtime in our classes.  One thing a puppy is born knowing how to do, is be a dog!  We also know that puppy playtime very quickly can escalate and make learning difficult for puppies.  So we focus on other vital aspects of socialization and encourage our students to set up playdates with appropriate, healthy puppies outside of class.

Our puppy classes are based on the American Kennel Club's S*T*A*R Puppy Program. Laurie is an approved AKC S*T*A*R Puppy Evaluator.  A minimum of six classes is required for the AKC S*T*A*R Puppy program.

Why is this class free?  In 2013, Laurie added a puppy to her family (Blitz).  They had a difficult time finding an appropriate puppy class for him. And because of this, an idea was born.  Laurie met with her veterinarian and her business manager and pitched the idea of free puppy classes.  They loved the concept and we began conducting free puppy classes at Utah Dog Park -- Airport with the support both of the staff there and of the Animal Care Center.  In May 2018, we had completely outgrown the space and moved to our current location in the Millcreek area.

Another reason -- puppies are expensive!  We are human and think a lot of different things about our puppies that prevent us from going to a class -- this puppy is easy, I've raised puppies before, we have another dog, etc. -- but the reality is that it takes a village to raise a puppy and we strive to create that village for our students.

If you have any questions, please contact us

We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior's position statement on Puppy Socialization.  That statement can be found here: avsab.org/Puppy-Socialization-Position-Statement.pdf

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