Separation Anxiety

There is nothing more heart wrenching AND frustrating that to have a dog who hates being left alone. The mix of emotions it brings up in us is crazy and wide ranging!

You may already have done some online research and found a wide variety of different opinions and potential solutions.  You may have even tried a few of them, but with little to no success, and are now feeling hopeless and trapped.

But, all is not lost!  I can help you and your dog find the way to living life better together, side by side, even in the shadow of separation anxiety.

Through consistent communication and safe absences, we work our way through the things that trigger separation anxiety in your dog and help them feel safe when you leave them home alone.

Please note!  This is not a quick and easy, wave a magic wand solution -- this is a methodical, systematic process to help you and your dog long term.

To get started, please schedule a phone call with me (below) to go over your situation and to learn more about how the training works.  If you don't see a time/day that works in your schedule, please contact me via the contact form or text me at 801-643-6272 to set up something that works for you.


4-week all-inclusive package $1200.00

Payment options are available.



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