Reactive to Relaxed — A Control Unleashed Class

Zoom Class -- every other Friday evening 7:30 -- 8:15 p.m.  (These will be recorded so you are able to view at your convenience.  Those in attendance will be working with their dogs during the Zoom class.) Videos and supplemental information posted weekly in a private Facebook group.  Video, text, and email interaction -- unlimited between classes.

Side By Side Dog Training, 2019 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 84109

$165.00/3 Zoom classes and online support via Facebook, email, phone, and text.

Registration is required.

For dogs who have a difficult time coping with a variety of stimulus.  The best thing about this class is that you attend from the comfort of your home with your dog in a comfortable, familiar environment.  Of course, we are working towards your dog being able to handle lots of different things (other dogs, people, environments, etc.), but utilizing this platform helps your dog stay in learning mode without worrying about what else is going on in class.

Equipment needed: collar/harness, leash (no retractable or chain leashes), a mat, and lots of soft, yummy treats. Optional, but suggested:  a toy stuffed with something for your dog to lick (Kong, Tux, or Toppl with canned dog food, licky mat, etc.).

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