On Target!

Starting November 12, 2019, Tuesday evenings, 6:30 -- 7:30 p.m.

November 12, 19, 26, December 3, 10, and 17, 2019

Side By Side Dog Training, 2019 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, 84109

$150.00/5 classes

Registration is required. (Online registration below.)
Class is limited to SIX dog and handler teams.

Instructor: Elizabethanne Stevens

(**Please note -- if you have taken this class before, we will work with you to continue building your targeting skill set!**)

Many people have trained their dog to target his or her nose to their hand. In On Target!, we will go beyond that behavior and teach our dogs to target different body parts to different objects. Chin, nose, paws, hips, mouth, and shoulders. We will also teach our dog to go to a target at a distance and to follow a target. Not only are these behaviors fun for our dogs, which is reason enough to teach them, but they also have many practical applications. Going to a target at a distance is a necessary skill for agility, competition obedience, rally, and water work, and is a fun way to exercise your dog while you sit in a lounge chair! Targeting a hip makes for very pretty pivots for freestyle and rally and tight turns in competition heeling. Targeting a shoulder teaches an elegant sidestep for freestyle and rally. Paw tricks are good fun and there are several you can teach your dog once he understands targeting. Cross paws, marching, wave, high five, to name a few. A follow target can be used to teach a beautiful show ring trot for conformation, as well as a lovely stylized trot for freestyle. It is also excellent exercise to keep your older dog fit. A mouth target is just what you need for a retrieve or to teach your dog to open your refrigerator and bring you a cold drink!

You will also teach your dog the concept of target transfer and we guarantee that will rock your world! Come join us for a class that is sure to delight both you and your dog.

The use of a clicker in this class is required and we will go over proper usage of the clicker in our first session.

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