New Classes

We have added a couple new classes at Side By Side Dog Training and I am super excited about them – Agility Foundations I and Puppy Gym!!!

Agility Foundations I is taught by Elizabethanne Stevens, a certified dog trainer and long-time agility trainer and competitor.  I love to watch dogs doing agility – they always look so happy and excited to be doing all the “stuff!”  This class is great for any team that wants to know more about agility!  You’ll work on agility foundation pieces as well as teamwork.  It’s a great chance to learn some new things while dabbling in the exciting dog sport of agility.

(Check out this great video with Elizabethanne and her young Poodle:

Puppy Gym is taught by Stayce Jensen, Utah’s only certified Canine Fitness Trainer.  This class is a great supplemental class to any of our foundation classes.  So many physical, mental, and orthopedic issues can be prevented with an appropriate exercise program based on your puppy/dog’s age, weight, and ability, but it’s tough to know what that program looks like.  This is the class for you and your young puppy/dog!  Starting your young dog with a good physical exercise program sets both you and your dog up for long-term success.

Registration for both of these classes is still open and available, along with our other classes, just click on this link and find the class:

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