Blogging Slacker!

I am not a good blogger.  I’m just not.  Life gets going and before I know it, months have gone by and I haven’t even thought about a blog post!  But here I am and here is a post.

Life is crazy.  Next month our oldest daughter gets married.  Business is good.  Dog training is not too bad (I have a great personal support system that helps to keep me on track!).  We have lots of new classes and I always love it when I actually get to take a class!!!

A couple years ago my friend Tena had nerdy dog portraits done of our dogs we took to ClickerExpo.  This year Monica continued the tradition and had another set done.  So, I decided to have all of the dogs/granddogs done this summer.  And dang!  If they aren’t the cutest drawings ever!!!  These will soon be printed and hung up at the training building (and also maybe on some shirts, bags, etc. for me and the kids).  Thanks to Jamie Ohman at Pet Portraits for these amazing dog nerd portraits!!!

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