Private Sessions

Both Laurie and Tori are currently offering private sessions.  Laurie is offering both online and in person sessions and Tori is offering in person sessions.  All in person sessions are currently being held at the training center (no in home sessions until further notice due to COVID-19).

What is the advantage to private dog training sessions (both in person and online)?

  • one-on-one time with you, your dog(s), and the trainer
  • work with all of your dogs in a single session (if you have multiple dogs)
  • work on what you want to work on
  • controlled environment -- no other dogs or humans to worry about or be overly excited about
  • more time for questions and discussion
  • increased accountability
  • cover more information in a single session (than in a group class)

Private dog training sessions are one-on-one time for you to work with the trainer.  We can work on whatever you want/need to work on!

Some issues such as reactivity, aggression, and anxiety may require a private session.

Initial assessment/consultation/training session -- $125, additional sessions may be at a reduced price.
Other sessions available -- assessment only, consulting only, etc.

Packages are available and are set up according to your needs/budget. Packages have expiration dates and there are no refunds on packages after the first session. Contact us for more information.

All private sessions are confirmed via email (unless special circumstances apply). Please be sure we have a correct email that you check regularly.

If you don't see an appointment time that works for you, please contact us -- we may have other times available.



Call: 801-643-6272

Private Session Package
3 sessions $325.
Please contact us directly to schedule and pay!!!
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